Digital Labs & Networks (D-LAN), incorporated in 2002 and since then providing an end to end Technology Solutions to its multidimensional customers.

Considering the global business opportunities and highly competitive environment, we are now operational in Dubai, UAE. Digital Labs & Networks L.L.C, domain expertise in network technologies, security & surveillance solutions, storage and back up consolidation with system integration provides unique opportunity to its clients to get a one Window Solution for its various core requirements. Our certified and experienced Software Work Bench in development, customization and infrastructure establishment in IBM, Oracle and Microsoft Technologies is equally available to ensure System Integration where required.

We do understand the importance of competitive HR in organization and our Certified Trainer are always there to ensure hands on training to various employees at client premises. Presently our consultants have geographical spread in Pakistan, UAE, UK, North Africa and USA with presence in Healthcare, Educational, Public and Corporate Sector for various projects.

D-LAN has a successful journey of IT infrastructure projects with a commanding track record in delivering turnkey IT solutions for businesses in wide-ranging sectors to meet challenges of Data & Cloud Infrastructure, Mobility, and Business Process Management, Outsource & Managed Services by a team of industry experts & professionals. Our Dynamic Digital Team (DDT)® has decades of experience & qualification for these critical technologies.


To become Global Leader as IT

and Telecom solution provider.

Since, we started our business operations, we are offering innovative products and solutions supported by professional services at all level. Our clientage ranges from SME’s, corporate organizations, educational institutions, hospitals, defense to govt. across the region.

In today’s complex and high tech era, any service or single part of any product has the critical role to stay business up and connected.

At D-LAN we equally shared the responsibility of business continuity with back to back services for products and solutions. If people make the difference then we are pride to have an adequate qualified professionals to take any challenge for a desired success.
Our outsource team is best in bread with unmatched profiles to take the lead at every technology platform.